MaryAnn Soukup CPA

Frequently Asked Questions

Physical Address
1241 Beach Loop Drive SW
Bandon Oregon 97411-8800

(541) 329-0380 (office)
(913) 205-6730 (mobile)

Mailing Address
1130 Baltimore Avenue SE
Suite A, Box 8
Bandon, Oregon 97411-9136

(541) 329-0380 (office)
(913) 205-6730 (mobile)

Q: What type of client do you accept?
A: I accept any type of client that fits within my service range. If the engagement is not a good fit, I am always happy to make a referral to another firm that provides the appropriate level of service. I enjoy working with a broad range of accounts.
Q: Do you work with individuals or businesses?
A: As mentioned elsewhere, my client list and the industries I work with are varied. I provide services to businesses and individuals. My business clients range from single-owner home-based entities to large enterprises with many employees. I work with start-up companies to help ensure their businesses begin on solid footing, as well as established entities . If you are considering starting a business, I will work with your other advisers to help you select your type of business entity after considering liability issues and tax advantages.
Q: How do you charge for your services?
A: I generally charge by the hour. For certain services, including tax services, an estimation of expected fees can be provided. My overhead is kept low which allows me to pass the cost savings on to my clients. I pride myself on providing professional and quality service at a reasonable price.

Q: I am considering starting a new business. Should I contact my attorney or accountant first?

A: I recommend that you consult with each before forming your business. Your attorney can help you consider liability issues and recommend a form of business. I can help you consider the tax advantages (or disadvantages) for each form of entity. Then, you can make the best choice for your unique situation.

Q: What should I consider when selecting an accountant?

A:  First, ask people you know, whose opinion you respect, for recommendations - these might include friends, neighbors, bankers and attorneys. Then, call the accountant to set up a face-to-face meeting. Most accountants are happy to interview for up to an hour at no charge; however, you should confirm that there will not be any charge when you request the meeting.

Some questions you might want to ask at your consultation:

  • Are you accepting new clients?
  • What is your professional background? (e.g., CPA, college degree, enrolled agent)
  • To what professional organizations do you belong? (e.g., American Institute of CPAs, State Society of CPAs)
  • Do you specialize? In what industries are your other clients?
  • What is your billing rate?
  • What types of software do you use?
  • What software do you recommend for my business?
  • How do I transmit my data files to you?
  • If you are interviewing a firm with multiple practitioners, ask who will be your main contact at the firm, as well as who will be performing the day-to-day work. I always encourage you to meet all team members if you hire the firm.
  • If you are interviewing a sole practitioner, ask if they have a contingency plan in place. You need to know if someone will be available to assist you if the practitioner is out of the office for an extended period of time.

If there is a particular issue with which you need assistance, determine that the accountant has expertise in that area.